Thursday, February 7, 2013

Don't Confuse Buyers!

How we choose to live in our homes is our business…right? WRONG! If you are selling your home, you may have to make some lifestyle adjustments.

For instance, that pool table you have in your living room might make sense to you, but, to a buyer, it can just be confusing. If you have a room with a chandelier hanging down, you should probably have it furnished as a dining room, even if you have not been using it that way.

Quite often, we have rooms in our homes that have to do double duty, or even triple duty. The room that functions as an office, guest, and exercise room, is sending a message to buyers that there are not enough rooms in your home. It is best to choose one function, and move the other items out.

I went on a staging consultation one time, and the homeowners had a bookcase in front of the fireplace. I asked them why, and they said they never used the fireplace and it was the only place the bookcase would fit. You can imagine how confounded buyers would be. A large TV placed in front of a window because that is the only spot where glare is not a problem, is fine for you and your family. But, when your home is for sale, there should be nothing in front of the windows. When buyers open your coat closet, it is best for them to see coats, not boxes of cereal or rolls of paper towel. The fax machine you keep on your kitchen counter will only raise questions as to why it is there.

Take the time to put your home in order, an order that will make sense to buyers. A little inconvenience is a small price to pay for getting your home sold quickly.


  1. I need to bookmark this post to show my husband, who thinks it will be fine to show his office/workout room "as is." Maybe he will listen to an expert!

    1. I think we are all guilty of it in some way. My office doubles as a closet!


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