Thursday, February 5, 2015

Shedding Some Light on Selling your Home!

There are many affordable ways of getting your home ready to sell. Updating the lighting can produce that “wow” factor, for not a lot of money. The larger home improvement stores have a wide variety of lighting choices, at surprisingly low prices.

I recently previewed a condo and suggested that the owner replace the dated brass, five-light fixture in the eating area. When I went back on staging day, hanging over the table was a sleek modern fixture that the homeowner purchased for under $40. The effect was dramatic, as the whole kitchen seemed to have been updated. And don’t stop with the kitchen! 
A new light fixture can improve the appearance of an entry, or hallway, and don’t forget the bathrooms. Outdoor lighting is important, too, especially the front of the home, where a good first impression can make all the difference in the world. Buyers will be impressed that the home contains the newest trends in lighting, and your home will shine compared to others!

But, what if new lighting is not in your budget? Is there anything that can be done to improve the lighting you already have? Yes, and the answer is simple. Make sure that all bulbs are working, and if there are several bulbs in one fixture, they need to match. Frosted bulbs are preferred, casting a softer light than the clear alternatives. What do you think a burned out bulb says to buyers? It says that if the homeowner can’t change a light bulb, maybe they aren’t performing other maintenance around the home either.

A few very simple ways to show your home in the best light!

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